What Your Customers Expect from Your Sales Department

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Building a home takes about the same amount of time as growing a human baby, and the two events carry with them a remarkably similar amount of anxiety. The difference, however, is that if a mother went months without hearing from her doctor about the condition and progress of the baby, there would be outrage and a very fired doctor. For some reason, though, builders operate under the false idea that buyers don’t need to hear about the progress and condition of their new home’s construction. That’s not only absurd, it signals a troubling disconnect between the sales team and your buyers; that disconnect will cost you referrals.

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Gotta Catch Em All

Millennials are so last year. Gen Z is already becoming a strong influence on purchasing decisions. Did you know that Gen Z is already a quarter of the US population? Now, 15-year-olds are probably not purchasing homes just yet. However,…

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