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Founded 32 years ago and guided daily by our CEO – a psychologist clinically trained in analytical systems – Eliant builds the customer-experience blueprint for builder-teams, and then helps them along each step to transformation.

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Our team’s role as expert consultants is to help you use the survey data wisely. Our CEO has trained our entire team how to listen, and we’re scientific about listening to builders and their customers’ comments. Listening forms the foundation of our data, and is our key for helping you do the right things to delight your customers.

Ready to design a roadmap of customer touch points? Want help setting up a bonus compensation plan based in part on customer ratings? Need guidance for redirecting a department gone astray? Need any help with interpreting info or tools designed to delight customers?

Check out some of our Consultation Packages:

Learning Library
As part of our consultation package, we offer a complimentary Learning Library. It’s available on-line 24/7 to all of our clients, and includes 85 different training modules, such as: Tips for increasing survey response rate; Top 5 Tips for generating sales from referrals; Scripts for talking with unhappy buyers; Managing expectations of buyers – Parts 1-4. The library also includes Eliant Articles and Best Practices.

Doctors on Call
Clients can call us at any time for assistance in better utilizing survey reports to enhance the customer experience. We have a dedicated account manager for every builder-client, who is available every day by phone or email to answer questions, offer tips and suggestions, or set up a webinar or on-site workshop. Contact an Account Manager.

Eliant’s CEO, Bob Mirman, is available to answer additional questions, interpret survey data, discuss action plans, or to create opportunities for on-site training and consultation. Contact him anytime! Homebuilders’ favorite roles for Bob are his keynote speeches, corporate speeches and training workshops focused on Best Practices for building an extraordinary customer experience.

Peer-to-Peer Consultation
Speak directly with our top-ranked builders; many of our builder-clients are happy to share their best practices with other Eliant non-competing builder-teams.

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We recommend you check out our Client Testimonials to ease your mind.

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