Event: 2016 Homebuyers’ Choice Awards

Homebuilders who delivered best customer experience honored with 2016 Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards

MBK Homes earns top rating of all multi-divisional home builders.

The Olson Company named top-rated single division builder in North America.


DANA POINT, CA – U.S. and Canadian homebuilders who provided their customers with the best purchase and ownership experiences—according to surveyed homebuyers—have been honored in the 20th annual Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards competition.

The winning builders were chosen based on the results of more than 86,000 surveys which were administered to all recent home owners from over 148 major homebuilders across the U.S. and Canada.

The Eliant awards are presented annually by Eliant (www.eliant.com), a customer experience management company that has been surveying buyers of new homes for over 32 years. Once again, imortgage, an Eliant certified lender, is the Premier Sponsor of these Awards.

MBK Homes is the recipient of the “The Eliant” award for the Best Overall Purchase and Ownership Experience from among multi-division North American builders. MBK Homes was also honored with four “Premier” Awards (First, Second, or Third Place) for First Year Customer Service, First Year Quality, Purchase Experience and Percent of Sales from Referrals among all Medium-Volume builders.

“This award can only be earned through an unwavering commitment to deliver outstanding customer service and we are honored to recognize MBK Homes for their overall excellence in exceeding homebuyers’ expectations,” stated Jex Manwaring, president of Eliant. Tim Kane, President of MBK Homes, added “The dedication and commitment of our entire team to delight our customers is highlighted by this award. Winning the top Eliant award reflects the importance of customer satisfaction within the fabric of our company’s culture.”

The Olson Company is the recipient of “The Eliant” for Best Overall Customer Experience in the single divisional builder segment. In the Large Builder segment, The Olson Company was also honored with 3 First Place Awards for First Year Quality, First Year Customer Service, and Warranty Service among all qualifying Large-Volume builders. The Olson Company received a grand total of eleven Homebuyers’ Choice Awards. “The Olson Company is clearly one of the undisputed leaders in the delivery of an extraordinary customer experience,” declared Bob Mirman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eliant. Scott Laurie, CEO of the Olson Company, said “This recognition means so much to us because The Olson Company has made the commitment to make customer satisfaction a priority. The Eliant Award is an honor and a reflection of the outstanding level of service we have been able to achieve for our customers. ”

A clear customer favorite this year, The New Home Company continued its historically strong performance. The New Home Company won a total of 23 Homebuyers’ Choice Awards, including nine First Place Awards, the highest number of awards earned by a home builder in this year’s competition. Lawrence Webb, CEO of the New Home Company, said “We at The New Home Company pride ourselves on our intense focus on delighting our customers. These awards demonstrate a strong commitment to customer service that is shared throughout our company.”

Benchmark Homes won a total of 20 Homebuyers’ Choice Awards. Winning communities reached across both the Large and Medium Builder segments. Ralph Baja, Benchmark’s National Director of Customer Relations and Process Improvement, said “We are delighted with the numerous awards won by a variety of Benchmark divisions. This recognition reinforces our model of customer service.”

In the Medium Volume Builder segment, Rosewood Homes received nine Premier Awards including first place awards for Design Experience, First-Year Customer Service and First-Year Quality.  Giddens Homes, a first year entrant into this program, received awards in seven categories in the Medium Volume Builder segment.

Robson Homes, Minto Communities LLC and TRI Pointe Homes were recognized in seven categories in the High Volume Builder segment. Robson received homebuyers’ number one ranking for the Construction Experience and First Year Quality. TRI Pointe received a number one ranking for First Year Customer Service Experience.

In the all-important category of “Percent of Sales from Referrals,” FCB Homes (Medium Builder segment) and GL Homes of Florida (Large Builder and High Volume segment) scored the highest “Percent of Sales from Referrals. In 2015, Stockton, CA-based FCB Homes sold an astonishing 47% of their homes from referrals followed closely by GL Homes (Palm Beach Adult and Palm Beach Luxury) selling 46% from referrals.

“To earn over 40% of sales from referrals is truly outstanding!” said Lynda Lane, CEO of Real Estate Temps, an Eliant-Certified staffing firm. “Homebuilders are developing new ways to exceed the expectations of homebuyers so they will actively promote their new home and neighborhood to their friends.” according to Lane.

Eliant’s builder clients are improving their customers’ experience to such a degree that home owners are not only more willing to offer a referral, but more and more prospects are buying new homes due to these referrals. Each year, Eliant analyzes the “Percent of Sales from Referrals” from the ten highest rated builders: In 2009, 32% of these builders’ sales were sourced from referrals, while in 2016, 42.4% of their sales were from referrals, a 33% increase.

“In addition to highlighting our winning builders, It is also important to recognize those teams making progress in creating a customer service culture,” according to Jex Manwaring of Eliant.   A special award recognizing the Most Improved Builder was received by Meridian Mark Management – Walton Division (Ohio).

Eliant recognizes the top performing representatives in the areas of Sales, Construction, Design and Customer Service as voted by recent homebuyers. The spot for top sales representative yielded a three way tie between Jose Alkon (The New Home Company, Southern California), Linda Sender (Tim Lewis Communities, Northern California) and Pamela Bayless (The New Home Company – Northern California). Joy Gorey (The New Home Company, Southern California) was named top Design Consultant. The top Customer Service Representative was Uriel Casillas (The New Home Company, Southern California). Eric Galley (Minto Communities, LLC) was named the number one Construction Representative. From among thousands of their peers, these representatives were identified by homeowners as the best in North America at delivering an extraordinary customer experience

A total of 43 different builders were recognized for being in the top five for their excellence in one or more customer-experience categories. Builders with consistently high levels of customer satisfaction included: The New Home Company (23 awards), Benchmark Communities (20 awards) and The Olson Company (11 awards). Rosewood Homes (9 awards) and MBK Homes (8 awards) also distinguished themselves once again this year.

This year’s award program features Premier Sponsor, imortgage, an Eliant Certified company and seven firms widely acclaimed for delivering extraordinary customer experiences; Real Estate Temps; dwellingLive, Crummack Huseby Association Management, First American Title, Westwood Insurance, New Homz and Cove Programs.

Information on the survey methodology and a complete list of winning home builders is available at www.eliant.com.

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