Homebuyers’ Choice Awards Event Registration

Are You The Best You Can Be?

Our competitive culture constantly reminds us of the importance of ‘being the best’ – the best teacher, the best boss, the best chef, the best place to work….

And advice on how to become ‘the best’ is overwhelming – there are books, articles, websites, talk shows and personal coaches who will guarantee that you can become ‘the best’.

But who determines if you are indeed the best home builder? Here is the best answer: No one knows more about a builder’s quality and service than new home buyers. All we have to do is ask.

Luckily, identifying the best home builders is quantifiable (see our TOP TEN qualifiers).  For over 33 years, Eliant’s surveys have provided an accurate and timely analysis of home buyers’ evaluations of their new home purchase and ownership experience.

Eliant’s proven system has helped home builders become top ranked in the industry by providing a ‘blueprint’ for delivering extraordinary customer experiences. And it shows – Eliant’s clients have the highest rate of ‘sales-from-referrals’ in the home building industry!

On Thursday, February 23rd, we will be celebrating the incredible successes of builders with the highest customer ratings. This year, the 2017 Homebuyers’ Choice Awards luncheon will be held at the all-new Newport Beach Country Club, Newport Beach, CA.  Please join us as we honor the ‘best’ in our business!

Registration is closed – we are sold out!

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