Yep. We measure your homebuyers’ smiles, and frowns too!

Every inch of the customer experience is measured and scored. But the key to delivering an extraordinary experience arrives when we tell you what your scores signify, and how to dramatically improve them. That’s why North America’s top builders and their trades & vendors partner with Eliant.

After 32 years designing homebuyer surveys, we not only know all the vital questions to ask, we know the secrets for inspiring your customers to respond with the personal, direct, critical answers and input you need today.*

Here’s a handy tip…
You get what you inspect, not what you expect. The most important part of our surveys isn’t the survey questions, but our analysis of your customers’ answers and scores (and what we help you accomplish after receiving them).

This yardstick is a game-changer.
Our builder-clients tell us that the proprietary tools we’ve developed over the past 3 decades to benchmark scores against top builders…changes everything. The core questions on our surveys are benchmarked against hundreds of other highly rated builders.

1st Year Homeowner Surveys (3-survey series):

Move-in Survey (1st month after move-in/possession)
New homebuyers’ initial impressions of their purchase and move-in experience

Mid-Year Customer Service Audit (5th-month)
Homeowners’ perception of the customer service experience

Year-End Home Quality Survey (10th month)
Homeowners’ detailed evaluation of the home’s quality, and the customer service experience

Homeowner Surveys:

Armchair Architect
Are you re-using a previous floor plan in a new community? Don’t worry, no one knows more about how to improve the livability of your homes than the people living in them. We swiftly collect suggestions for redesigning your floor plan from your homeowners: Your very own armchair architects.

Red Flag!
We’ll keep you informed of the likelihood that your homeowners’ construction defects will lead to legal retribution. This series of surveys (sent out over multiple years) will ascertain the probability-factors of homeowners becoming candidates for class-action lawsuits. Our survey speedily ascertains how the buyers perceive their builder in the 6th, 7th and 8th years.

Snapshot Surveys
A super-fast survey triggered by a particular event – such as a sales office visit, custom survey, the initial design or lender consultation, the walk through/orientation, a customer service visit…and more.

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Measurement provides us with an opportunity to help you hold your staff, vendors and trades accountable and inspired, but it’s just the foundation. So please take a minute or two and check out our blueprint for the additional services we offer: Consultation, Transformation, Certification

We’ll ensure your teams build their highest scores and rankings ever!

*Our 2013 average survey response rate was over 76%!

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