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Educate. Inspire. Change:
It’s what we do, and we’ll come to you to do it…whether we’re speaking to your team in a classroom, boardroom, seminar, Webinar, convention hall, or, well, a city street!

We’re cheering for YOU
We take pride in sharing with you what we’ve learned from surveying the nation’s new home buyers for the past 30 years. But it’s also our mission to help our clients, and frankly, we’ve been known to cheer about their success. Our goal is to raise the bar in our industry – not only for helping you deliver homes of the highest quality, but for dramatically improving your service levels and building delightful customer experiences that drive sales from home owner referrals.

So gather your team
Large or small. We’ll create a personalized presentation just for you that will have you taking notes, and perhaps even laughing now and then while you’re doing it.

Eliant Speakers:

Bob Mirman
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As Eliant’s founder, CEO, and psychologist, Bob’s international presentations focus on the psychological and commercial aspects of the homebuyers’ customer experience – and he and his audiences always have fun sharing it! Bob provides humor and invaluable insight into interpreting survey scores and rankings, training for your organization, and is renown as a keynote speaker at corporate and building-industry events. Events include, PCBC, IBS, ECBC, BIS show, and other events.

Some of Bob’s topics, include:

• Creating a Customer Centric Culture
• 5 Steps to Driving Sales from Home Owner Referrals
• 3 Steps to Delivering an Extraordinary Mortgage Experience
• Customer Experience Strategies of America’s Highest Rated Lenders
• Delivering an Extraordinary Design Selection Experience
• The Top 3 Elements of the Customer Service Experience
• Best Practices of the Top Rated Home Builders

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They know…because they’ve been there
Both Jex Manwaring & Bob Chapman have a storied history of building and selling new homes with top-rated builders famed for award-winning designs and award-winning customer experiences. Both of these champions are engaging speakers who go beyond just theoretical concepts. You can be sure they’ll bring real-life anecdotes from the front lines on the art of building top homes while delivering a top customer experience.

Jex Manwaring
Jex - tinted
Some of Jex’s topics, include:

• Creating a “Blueprint” to Provide Your Customers with an Extraordinary Experience
• Using RateTrades to Improve Contractor Performance
• Uncovering Internal Customer Service Best Practices
• Defining and Refining Your Customer Touch Points
• Using Buyer Survey Feedback to Improve Your Referral Rates

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So contact us to learn more about how Eliant’s speakers can educate, inspire, and help your team change. We have so much passion for what we have to share with you, we might just shout a WooHoo!, too.

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