Spot A Fake Review

If you are following our “Eliant Blueprint for the Homebuying Experience”, you know that our goal is to help you sell more homes from referrals. One of the most effective techniques is to use buyers’ survey comments to post testimonials on your company or division website and in your social media pages. BUT – consumers are becoming more wary about the credibility of these testimonials. Are the negative testimonials being posted by competitors? Are the really positive ones being posted by your staff?


This article discusses different ways consumers should be testing the believability of your testimonials. Use this information to ensure the credibility of your testimonials. And here is one more thought not mentioned in this article: Testimonials which are signed “T.F., Avalon, CA” do not really evoke believability. But – as with all of Eliant’s surveys – if you use comments only from buyers who checked the box on their survey which gives you permission to use their name, comments, and community, you end up with a very credible testimonial: “Thomas Freed, Avalon, Greentree Homes – Thanks to Steve and Dori for helping me throughout the purchase process, they made is easy for our first time buying experience!


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Bob Mirman