Jex Manwaring

Jex masthead for BIO
Growing up in Idaho, Jex started working young. He learned valuable lessons on the farm and in his dads’ cheese factory. This is where hard work and loyalty was ingrained in him. In college, Jex worked for the Covey Leadership Center while earning his construction management degree. This is where he uncovered his passion for organizational improvement and the building industry.

For over eight years after obtaining his degree, Jex worked for a large national homebuilder. Jex’s responsibility was to continuously improve Divisions, Regions, and the Corporation as a whole. He was sent in wherever there was a strategy to improve and a need for extra horsepower to make it happen. During these years Jex was able to acquire and implement several organizational improvement skill-sets. Some of these included process improvement, strategic planning, customer experience improvement, trade partnering, and employee development. He utilized the balanced scorecard framework and the Malcolm Baldridge award criteria to improve the organization.

Jex has developed and incorporated a host of diverse skill-sets for leading operations in internet marketing, off-road racing, online sports properties, skateboarding brands, and action sports apparel.

In 2013, Eliant’s CEO, Bob Mirman, became interested in utilizing Jex’s homebuilding experience and internet marketing savvy to help take Eliant to the next level. With Eliant, Jex focuses on operational improvement consulting for the building industry, product development, and internet marketing.

Jex’s sincerity and real-world experience in the building industry provide his audiences with the warmth and inside-track of a special speaker. As a speaker and presenter, his expertise in the domain of referral rates, customer touch points, best practices, contractor performance and Eliant’s blueprint for delivering an extraordinary customer experience, make Jex a new-homebuilder-audience favorite.