Training, Certification, and milk & cookies
Eliant’s school is in session, and we call it transformational because (along with surprise treats) what we provide is far more than just training. Our ‘Eliant Certified’ programs begin with our package of in-person training workshops, and even include exams to ensure your representatives fully understand the Customer Experience Action Plan.

But the key to Transformation comes in the next step.

It’s all about Performance Accountability
After your team earns their Eliant Certification, the real fun begins. That’s when our follow-up surveys of your customers commence. Our on-going customer surveys allow us to confirm your teams are doing what they learned, and doing it extraordinarily well. It’s this accountability that has our Eliant-Certified companies delivering an extraordinary customer experience each and every time, for years to come.

Smiling customers mean smiling ratings
While most training programs just impart information, our training is designed to improve and transform your teams’ behaviors…and your ratings. It’s a fact, and we’re proud to say it: After doing this for 32 years, we’ve developed the scientifically proven system for helping you dramatically delight your customers. Your builder staff, vendors and trade partners will learn to transform what they do and what they say to your customers, and when they do it and say it.

Say that three times fast!

Want more snacks?
Check out some of these tasty little treats: Certification, Builder Rankings & Awards.

So please feel free to contact us to learn more or get started!

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